New Beads


Not bad for my first time back at the torch in several years.  Although it should have taken me no more than an hour to make these, it took about 3 times that and I was pooped by the time I finished.  I’ll put these up on FB in the Lampwork Bead Market group.  If they don’t sell then it’s off to Etsy with them.

I did make the start of a different set but only got 4 of them done.  One is already destined for the seconds bin (the dots were not quite aligned properly … call me picky).  So with luck I’ll get more made tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of one of the three (that I know of) feral cats I’ve been feeding.  This one I named Sammy2 because he looks like our late, and much loved, Sammy.  He’s hurt his right back leg somehow because he was favoring it but I didn’t see any overt signs of injury.  He sure was hungry though.  He ate two of the  5 ounce cans of friskies.


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