Struggling to get a routine going.

It’s still hit and miss at the torch.  Day before yesterday I decided my propane regulator was on its last legs so took it town to the local welding shop.

The guy at the store was very nice.  I explained what was going on with the regulator and he agreed it needed replacing.  As he was bringing a new one out from the stores and I was bracing myself for the price, he looked at it, tapped it, shook it, shook his head and said “This one appears to have been dropped.”  Then he told me he had a rebuilt he could let me “have” for a lot less money.  Well sign me up!

$87 later I was home installing it on my tank:IMG_0210

Yesterday I fired up the torch and was attempting to make a bead.  I started noticing the flame was getting smaller.  I kept turning up the propane but a few minutes later it was shrinking again.  Now.  To be fair, it HAS been a good 5-6 years since I did any amount of real torch work.  And I had hefted the tank and it felt like there was still plenty of gas in it.  So I went to check the gauges and the one one the left, which sets the pressure coming out of the tank to the torch, had dropped almost to zero.  I panicked.  I figured it was the regulator since it’s a rebuilt.

I called the shop and he told me to bring it in.  Before I left Joe asked if the tank was empty.  Well, no.  I’m pretty sure it isn’t.  By the time I got to town I wasn’t so sure.  After talking it over with the shop person we both decided I would put the regulator on the FULL tank and try again.  Boy am I gonna be embarrassed if that was the cause.

So maybe beads today.

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