Still here in spite of it all …

It’s been a long time since I attended to this site. And a lot has happened.

Shortly after I made my last post Joe was told his cancer had returned and it did so with a vengeance. He passed from this life in October of 2018 and I have literally been in mourning since then.

Covid did not help. Being alone with just 3 cats for company has been OK for a while but in the last couple of months I have begun to chafe from the solitude. I did receive both doses of the Moderna vaccine last Winter and, like so many, am now slowly testing the waters of returning to life.

Part of that has been a resurgence of my desire/need to create. My studio space (which is quite small) has become a complete disaster and I still haven’t been able to completely remove all of Joe’s belongings. I managed to get almost half of his 4-drawer filing cabinet emptied out before I ran into a wall. Most of his clothing is gone but the odd bits stare at me from over-the-door hooks in his bedroom, from the closet, from the laundry area. And I refuse to even think about the garage.

So it’s slow going and most days I just can’t even deal with it so I veg out in front of the TV or play games on FB all day long. Not very healthy, I admit, but I also understand I am still very depressed so try not to judge myself too harshly.

I am not ready to sell off all my beadmaking stuff so it looks like I’m going to have to clean up my workspace after all. I have also picked up my interest in making wire wrapped jewelry.

I’ve pretty much decided not to reopen my Etsy store although I have not officially closed it. I really dislike the way they have gone about insinuating themselves into the business aspect of all their subscribers. Plus they have gone the way of eBay in that they are now allowing just about anything or anybody to open a store. So much for only handmade.

I was looking again at Artfire but I don’t think anyone is home. It was only today I remembered my website. Well, at least I can link it to FB. I don’t have much to list and am not sure how, or even IF I can do that with this personal WordPress site. But it will give me something to do. As if I have nothing to do around here.

So we’ll see just how ready I am to reenter the world.

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